Hobnob with the elements

Two fans of snow and gravel scrape together their annual holidays, warm socks and spare parts. The weather chart is their navigator as they explore the icelandic highlands and face the elements. The challenge: Five weeks conditioned by pebble, sand and loneliness, the rough climate of the north atlantic ocean and wet stocking. The Adventure: The extremes between storm and silence, sun and snow, fire and ice, rank habitats and paltry moonscape. The reward: A motorbike-journey to the fountain of our world.

On their trip, Sophie Schtter and Erik Leistner immerse into a multicoloured world of spectacular mountains, they snuffle the aroma of hot chasm, listen to calving glaciers and feel the trembling ground of the geothermal witch's cauldron under their feet. They are being shunt to and fro by icy polarwinds and enjoy the comforting embracement of hot springs. Until finally, in the silence of the midnight sun, they listen to their own pulse.

In „Heiß auf Eis“ Sophie and Erik tell about their experiences and encounters. It is a mixture of photo and film, storytelling and music.


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Heiß auf Eis - A motorbike journey through iceland Dauer: 5.47 minutes