Norsk - A motorcycle journey to the Norwegian Fjords

The North Country fans have resumed their favorite course again. The new destination: Norway's fjords. Their journey leads Sophie Schatter and Erik Leistner to the southernmost point of land along the Atlantic coast up to the storm-tossed Westkapp and to the Trolstigen. The way leads through dramatic scenes, as if conceived by Tolkien: To fjords extending far up into the interior, steep cliffs and magnificent waterfalls, mighty glaciers and barren plains to the highest mountain in Norway.With their motorcycles, BMW F 800 GS and Triumph Tiger 800 XC, Sophie and Erik get into a never-ending curve-intoxication - and by the way explore a lot of charming gravel roads. They meet real Vikings and experience first hand what "climate change" actually means.


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Norsk - A motorcycle journey to the Norwegian Fjords Dauer: 4.59 minutes